Nano project: Third petition filed in Gujarat HC

Nano project: Third petition filed in Gujarat HC

Ahmedabad: A third petition demanding compensation for land sold by the state government to the Tata for the Nano car project was filed in the Gujarat High Court by the farmers of Bol Village in Sanand taluka here where the manufacturing unit is coming up.

A division bench of Chief Justice K S Radhakrishnan and Justice Akil Qureshi on Thursday adjourned the hearing on the three similar cases which are being heard simultaneously till 19 January, 2009.

The court also asked the government to file a reply to the petitions explaining under what circumstances and on what basis the land under question was acquired by the government in 1900.

State government has recently given 1,100 acres of the land to Tata at Northcout farm in Sanand Taluka to relocate their Nano car project from Singur to Sanand.

Two petition filed in the matter includes one by farmers of Khoda village demanding compensation for 865 acre of land and other a public interest litigation (PIL) by Gandhinagar-based Rashtriya Kisan Dal, asking for adequate compensation for the farmers.

Eighteen farmers of Bol village have claimed that they are original owners of the 960 acre land which was taken on lease by the government for 99 years from their ancestors during the drought in 1900 for protection of cows of ‘Kankreji´ breed.

The petitioners have also challenged the state government’s claim that the land was formally acquired by it and adequate compensation was given to respective farmers.

They have further contended in the petition that the state government did not follow procedure while selling the land to Tata Motors Limited (TML), and has failed to produce any documentary proof showing that the land was acquired by them.

In a similar petition filed earlier by 24 farmers of Khoda village, they have contended that the 865 acre of land, was never acquired by the government in 1900, as claimed by state government.

Their petition said that the 865 acres of land was given on lease of 100 years to the British Government in 1900 for building of Northcout farm for animals after a severe drought.

The farmers of Khoda village have also said that they are not opposed to the Nano Car Project, but have asked for compensation for the land which belonged to them.