Infosys to focus on emerging countries

Infosys to focus on emerging countries

Kochi: IT Major Infosys Technologies would be focussing on emerging countries, including Brazil, China and India, a top official of the company on Tuesday said.

‘We are focussing on emerging countries as Brazil, China and India. We are increasing sales bandwith with these countries to grow business´, Infosys managing director and CEO, Kris Gopalakrishnan, told reporters here on the sidelines of ICT summit.

It will take some time. The growth was faster in US and UK. US constitues 62% of the company’s revenues and in the next 5-10 years it should be constitute only 40% and other countries should grow faster, he said.

Infosys would be recruiting about 40,000 employees this year and they would be deployed across the country.

Asked about his views on the ethics of corporate lobbying using politicians and media in the backdrop of the controversy over the Neera Radia tapes leakage, Gopakarishnan said he did not want to be judgemental about these things. ‘Where does the line cross from advocacy to undue lobbying. We, including the media, need to discuss it and then come to a conclusion’.

Kerala has also invested in lot of IT parks. They are doing well, he said adding ‘we should look at how to create a brand around the industry in kerala to make it more attractive to propective investors’.

Asked if Infosys had plans to set up campus at kochi, he said it had a campus at Thiruvananthapuram housing two buildings and would be focussing on that. ‘We want to focus on that campus and that should become icon for Infosys in kerala’.

Though Nasscom had predicted a 13-15% growth in the IT industry this year, but the industry growth could touch around 25-30%, Gopalakrishnan said.

Gopakrishnan said he was ‘completely satisfied´ with the human resource personnel in kerala. There are of very high quality. Fortyfive customers of Infosys are being serviced from thiruvananthapuram, he said.

Asked about the uncertainty of the Kochi Smart city IT Infrastructure project with the Dubai based Tecom yet to start work, Gopalakrsihnan,who is also the CII southern regional chairman, said he was confident that the government would take the right step to resovle the issue. ‘We have to trust the government to do the right thing’.

On whether the project delay had affected Kerala’s image, he said ‘yes and no’. ‘We should put it behind either way and go ahead with other projects’, he said.

Asked if he felt Kerala was an investment friendly state, Gopalakrishan’s response was positive.

‘Our experience was very good. We had been supported by governments. That is why Wipro, TCS and Infosys are all here and all are expanding´.