Mint Quiz #14

Mint Quiz #14

Welcome to Mint’s Question of Answers—the business quiz with a difference. This quiz is based on our belief of why quizzing is fun—that the answer to every question can be worked out from clues inherent in the question. Each edition of the quiz will feature questions on three themes—today’s questions are on automobile manufacturing centres, General Motors’ brands and Indian dotcoms.

Automobile manufacturing centres

1. The name of this famous automobile manufacturing centre comes from the French for ‘the strait’. This name originates from the name of a river, whose name literally means ‘the strait of lake Erie’, which linked Lake Erie and Lake Huron. Which city?

2.This German automobile manufacturing centre originated as a city famous for horse breeding in the 10th century. This led to the origin of the city’s name, literally meaning ‘stud garden’. Which city?

3. The name of this major automobile manufacturing centre in India comes from a term for ‘city of virtuous deeds’.

General Motors brands

4. This car was founded by William Durant and Louis _____, and named after the latter, who was a Swiss race car driver. Durant, who had been forced out of GM used the profits from this car to buy a majority of shares in GM and eventually become president of GM in 1917. Which car?

5. The city in Question 1 originated in 1701, when a French officer and explorer Anthoine de la Mothe____ founded a settlement there. This officer’s name was immortalized by GM when a car brand was named after him. Which car?

6. This Australian company began as a saddler business in 1856, and eventually diversified into automobiles. It became enormously popular when it introduced and promoted its car as ‘Australia’s own car’. This company is now a subsidiary of GM. Which company?

Indian dotcoms

7.Which Indian dotcom created waves when it placed a full-page ad on the front page of The Times of India in 2001?

8.This ad agency was founded in 1973. In 1995, Japan’s Dentsu and US’s Young and Rubicam picked up a stake in it. In 1996, a dotcom was started as a division of this ad agency, which became very popular and has remained one of the few surviving dotcoms from that time. Which dotcom?

9.Which Indian dotcom was acquired by eBay in 2004, and rebranded as


1.Detroit, which literally means ‘the strait’.

2.Stuttgart, which comes from ‘Stutengarten’, the German word for ‘stud garden’

3.Pune, which gets its name from ‘Punya Nagri’.

4. Chevrolet

5. Cadillac

6. Holden

7. The ad agency is Rediffusion.