Britannia to take legal action against Danone

Britannia to take legal action against Danone


Kolkata: Britannia Industries Ltd today said it will take legal action against one of its promoters, French food giant Group Danone, for unauthorized use of the Tiger biscuit brand in other countries.

The board would take a decision once the IPR (intellectual property rights) sub-committee submitted its view to it, Britannia chairman Nusli Wadia told reporters on the sidelines of the company’s AGM here.

The Tiger brand, he said, had been created and developed in India by Britannia. He said subsidiaries of Group Danone had been using the brand in several countries without seeking authorization from the company.

Managing Director of Britannia Vinita Bali said Danone had applied for registration of the Tiger brand in 70 countries in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa.

“We are seeking legal counsel both in UK and India for initiating a case," she said. Danone had been using the Tiger brand in other countries since 1998.

Through Associate Biscuits International Holdings UK, where Group Danone and Nusli Wadia hold 50% stake each, the foreign promoter holds almost 25% in Britannia. Total public shareholding in Britannia is 49.04%.