Mint Quiz#18

Mint Quiz#18

Battery companies

1.Which company’s logo is based on the belief that cats have nine lives, and is hence an allusion to the fact that it is supposed to last long?


2. This battery brand is manufactured by Amara Raja Batteries Ltd. This brand also shares its name with a folk hero in Philippine mythology. Which brand?


3.Which brand gets its name from the term ‘excellent oxide’?



4. A trio of ships was built by the White Star Line Co.: Olympic, Gigantic and ____. These were named after the mythical Greek races Olympians, Giants and _____.

Fill in the blanks.

Titanic. Named after the Titans

5. This Indian business family originated as Surat-based shipbuilders, when Lovji Nusserwanji ____ obtained a shipbuilding contract from the British East India Co. in 1736. Which family?

The Wadias

6. This town, located on the Gulf of Kumbat, 50km to the south-east of Bhavnagar, is responsible for recycling close to 50% of the ships salvaged in the world. Which town?



7.The national airline of Spain is named after the pre-Roman name of the south-west peninsula of Europe that includes present day Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Gibraltar. Which airline?


8. Which company was founded on 6 January 1926 in Berlin, following a merger between Deutsche Aero Lloyd (DAL) and Junkers Luftverkehr?


9. Sir Reginald Miles ____ was an Australian businessman whose road transport business became so successful it threatened the freight and passenger revenue of Victorian Railways. This led the state government to legislate to put private road transport operators out of business. Reginald Miles countered by establishing an airline as aviation was under control of the national government and beyond the reach of the state government. Which airline resulted?

Ansett Australia, named after founder Sir Reginald Miles Ansett