Shree Cement books 1,000 Nanos on Earth Day

Shree Cement books 1,000 Nanos on Earth Day

New Delhi: Kolkata-based Shree Cement on Wednesday said it has booked 1,000 Nanos as part of its eco-drive programme and environment awareness promotion.

“To mark Earth Day we have booked 1,000 Nanos, which are all air conditioned, BSIII versions, of which 200 are in top variants and 800 the mid-range," Shree Cement Managing Director H.M. Bangur said.

He said the company zeroed in on the Nano because the small car from the Tatas is one the best on mileage.

“As a company (concerned with the environment), we want to promote such vehicles," Bangur said, adding Sree Cement was one of the lowest energy-consuming companies in India with carbon credit of Rs35 crore in its account.

He said the company has gone through the normal booking procedure for the Nano laid out by Tata Motors.

“We spoke to the company (Tata Motors) and they said the only way you will get cars is through dealers. So they will not give the car on a preferential basis," Bangur said.

Shree Cement executive director M.K. Singhi said employees can buy the Nano from the company and it would also sell to others without any commission.