Mint quiz

Mint quiz

Environmental activism/organizations

1. This particular action, promoted by WWF, was known as Earth Hour. It was launched with the motto “See your world in a whole new light" in Sydney on 31 March 2007. Earth Hour was observed by Sydneysiders from 7.30pm to 8.30pm as a sign of commitment towards reducing climate change. What precisely did Earth Hour entail?

Residents of Sydney switched off their lights during Earth Hour, as a gesture of awareness about combating climate change.

2. This proper noun related to Greenpeace comes from the title of the 1962 book _____ of the ____ by William Willoya and Vinson Brown. This name was coined by Bob Hunter, one of the prominent leaders of Greenpeace, who read this book during a voyage in the North Pacific in 1970. What name?

Rainbow Warrior, the Greenpeace ship.

3. This man and the organization he heads were in the news recently. Identify both.

Rajendra Pachauri, the chairman of IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change), which won the Nobel Prize for Peace this year.


4.The first systematic introduction of this tax was in Britain, when it was implemented by William Pitt the Younger in his budget of December 1798. This was levied to pay for weapons and equipment in preparation for the Napoleonic wars. This was met by considerable public opposition, and it was repealed in a short while. This tax is however commonly levied across the world today. Which tax?

Income tax.

5. This tax was introduced by C. Rajagopalachari when he was the chief minister of Madras presidency. This tax was introduced primarily to compensate for the revenue lost when prohibition was introduced in the presidency in 1937. Which tax?

Sales tax.

6. This tax was conceptualized as taxe sur la valeur ajoutée in 1954 by Maurice Lauré, joint director of the direction générale des impôts, the French tax authority. This was introduced on 10 April 1954 for large businesses, and extended over time to all business sectors. Which tax?

Value-added tax (VAT).

Computer/video games

7. What is the name given to a naval vessel used to detect and defuse explosive charge?


8. What game was inspired when its creator had a look at his plate after eating a slice of pizza?


9.Identify this legendary video game released in 1972, with instructions “Avoid missing ball for high score".