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What is it? The number of manufacturing plants that Beijing plans to shut down by 2020, according to People’s Daily.

Why it’s important? It’s in line with the several steps the city, notorious for its smog, has been taking to cut down air pollution. By some estimates, air pollution has come down by 35% compared 2012 levels. India too has been facing intense debates on handling polluting industries, after shutdown of a copper plant in Tuticorin following protests.

Tell me more: Beijing has rejected registration applications from 19,500 firms so far.

Rs 15,167 crore

What is it? Unclaimed money of policyholders at India’s 23 insurance companies.

Why is it important? The money is due to policyholders and beneficiaries (for various claims, benefits and refunds) and have remained unclaimed for 6 months after the settlement date. Insurance regulator has directed these companies to take efforts to settle them. Market leader Life Insurance Corporation of India accounts for about 70% of the total unclaimed amount.

Tell me more: India had passed new rules earlier saying that the money that remained unclaimed for 10 years will be transferred to Senior Citizens Welfare Fund.

$ 153.5 million

What is it? Mission: Impossible - Fallout opening box office collections globally.

Why is it important? It is the best opening for the Mission: Impossible franchise starring 56 year old Tom Cruise. Of $153 million, $62 million came from the US markets. Overseas, it has released in 36 markets or about 40% of the total. It hasn’t been released in China yet.

Tell me more: Fallout is the sixth in Mission: Impossible series. The first came in 1996, when Cruise was 34. Mission Impossible is not among the top film franchises, such as Marvel Cinematic Universe, James Bond and Star Wars.


What is it? The number of investment projects launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Uttar Pradesh.

Why is it important? While it’s common for politicians to launch a large number of projects in investment summits—often with low conversion rates—the one in Uttar Pradesh on Sunday was politically significant as a run up to general elections in 2019. Modi used the platform to assert he was not afraid to stand with industrialists.

Tell me more: The projects worth 60,000 crore could potentially generate over two lakh new jobs, according to UP Minister for Industries Satish Mahana.

80 kilometers

What is it? The distance between Earth and Karman Line, the boundary line that separates earth’s atmosphere and outer space, according to a new study.

Why is it important? This is 20 kilometers closer to earth than previously thought. The paper by astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell, and published in Acta Astronautica journal, studied the orbital paths of some 43,000 satellites and used mathematical models to figure out that the laws of outer space applied in areas well below Karman Line.

Tell me more: The line was named after Hungarian American physicist Theodore von Kármán. is a search engine for public data

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