Maruti impasse: Talk between management and workers on Monday

Maruti impasse: Talk between management and workers on Monday

Chandigarh: Maruti Suzuki management and striking workers will hold talks on Monday in a bid to resolve the ongoing impasse, the Haryana government said on Saturday.

“I have been told by the management of Maruti Suzuki today that it would hold talks with workers on Monday (to end the stalemate)," Haryana labour minister Shiv Charan Lal Sharma told the news agency on Saturday after the striking workers vacated the premises complying with the Punjab and Haryana High Court order.

He, however, said the management had expressed fears that the workers who remained in the plants in the past few days might have caused harm to the machinery and other critical equipment.

“The management wanted to ensure that machinery and auto equipment have not been damaged in any way by the workers during their stay in the factory premises. Therefore, it will carry out a thorough check of the plants," he said.

The minister said he had asked agitating workers to end the stand-off with the management.

“I have told them (workers) that let the management carry out inquiry against the (44 permanent) workers. While casual workers are going to be absorbed with production getting normalized," he said.

The minister said fresh round of talks might happen without the involvement of Haryana Labour Department. “Only management and workers will hold talks to resolve their issue," he said.

Workers have been demanding reinstatement of 1,200 casual workers and 44 permanent workers without any inquiry.