No-brand vendors feed cellphone boom: Gartner

No-brand vendors feed cellphone boom: Gartner

Helsinki: Established leaders of the cellphone market are quickly losing share to Asian no-brand manufacturers on the booming cellphone market, research firm Gartner said on Wednesday.

Gartner said surging growth of no-brand or white-box manufacturers, coupled with growing smartphone sales, boosted the cellphone market to grow 35% from a year ago in the third quarter, and lifted its outlook for the growth this year.

It now sees phone market volumes rising more than 30% in 2010.

“In the third quarter, white-box manufacturers continued to expand their reach outside of China into markets such as India, Russia, Africa and Latin America," Gartner analyst Carolina Milanesi said in a statement.

“We firmly believe this phenomenon will not be short-lived as we still see a continued need for non-3G devices. Although we have seen acceleration in sales this quarter, we expect an even bigger volume in the fourth quarter of 2010."

Due to surging growth of no-brand manufacturers in the core markets of the top cellphone maker Nokia, the Finnish firm saw its market share diving to 28.2% in the quarter from 36.7% a year ago.