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How disruptive start-ups are tapping into robotics and artificial intelligence

Sangeeta Das Co-founder, Collaborative Intelligence, said 'We are largely in the robotics space, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity'.

Data on tap

Siddharth Das - Head of Product, CleverTap

At CleverTap, we capture 4 billion transactions per day. Taking that data and personalizing it is where the trick lies. We are building this technology (and making it available) to digital businesses. How do we do it? We don’t segment data manually, but the platform ingests data and we leverage AI/ML to get this done. Then we look at how to generate insights of what works and what doesn’t. Then we have certain tools to analyse the data. Eventually, we get into automation. Effectively, what we are trying to predict or understand are individuals’ need or their affinities and intents with technology.

Banking on robotics

Sangeeta Das Co-founder, Collaborative Intelligence

We are largely in the robotics space, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

We work with a lot of UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles).

We are aspirational and we like to call ourselves, “nano Watson". Our products have applications in homeland security, public security and defence and oil and gas.

We are also entering the robotics gaming industry.

We are trying to integrate the physical robotic simulation or the game using a virtual platform.

Computer vision with AI

Hrishikesh Kumar Co-founder and director, CerebrumEdge

Our main focus areas are computer vision and Artificial Intelligence. We do image and video processing. The cases we are working on include face recognition, demographic information extraction from the face, human pose analysis and sports video.

One of the solutions we have deployed is face ID for secured access. The kind of solution we have is faster than biometrics and much more secure than the typical identity cards. It works with changes in facial features, such as with or without spectacles or hair.

Storing talent on a blockchain

Rangin Lahiri Founder and CEO, TalentChain

One of the important things my software solves is the appraisal (process). The other things is, we all have a lot of certificates. But there’s no place apart from Google Drive to store them. In our software called TalentChain you can store all your certificates.

TalentChain is a software on blockchain that manages your talent-specific certificates across the life cycle. Our customers include human resources departments of several companies, recruiters and certificate verifiers, as well as educational institutions.

Bikes on call

Varun Agni CTO, Bounce (formerly Metro Bikes)

Bounce is a dock-less scooter sharing app where you can pick up a bike anywhere and drop it off anywhere.

The solution is very simple—you only pay for the time and distance you travel.

Our company (Bounce) has a sustainable price of 5/km and that makes us the most cost-effective, time-efficient and flexible way of getting around.

Ours is a very operational business and only technology can make it scalable so that’s what we invest a lot of efforts and money in.