Glaxo plans further deals to make Lucozade global

Glaxo plans further deals to make Lucozade global

London: Drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline is hoping to announce further new markets for its Lucozade drink this year, after announcing on Monday it would start selling the product in China.

“Don’t hold me to this for sure, but we’re looking to get another announcement out this year," John Clarke, president of consumer healthcare at the British company, told Reuters.

“The other (launch) plans are soon. Soon on Andrew’s (Witty, Glaxo CEO) list is months not years," he said, adding the launches would be through partnership deals and in a market such as the United States, Mexico, or Brazil.

Lucozade is predominantly sold in Britain, Ireland, and Hong Kong. Glaxo also said on Monday it had signed a deal with President (Shanghai) Trading to sell the drink in China, with the launch planned for early 2010.

The roll out of Lucozade, which had 2008 sales of £382 million ($607 million), is part of Witty’s wider strategy of creating a global and diversified business.