Britannia Industries has an overseas business of over 200 cr

Britannia Industries has an overseas business of over 200 cr

Mumbai: Britannia Industries Ltd, ranked 20 in the PSB survey, has international business of over 200 crore. Revenues for the year ended 31 March 2010 was 3,416.60 crore. Britannia chief executive officer Vinita Bali expanded via email on the company’s perception overseas. Edited excerpts:

On overseas presence: Several of our bakery and dairy brands are available in approximately 30 countries.

On image building outside India: We support our brands selectively, depending on the market and this consists of in-market and some media support.

On key challenges in building a brand abroad: Establishing the relevance and differentiation of your brands in markets with an abundance of choice.

On customer perceptions: In our experience, consumers around the world buy brands and not companies or the way they are structured.

On stereotyping related to quality: To compete effectively, quality and its consistent delivery, is a given.

On sector status, identity: Being global is the way companies look at the world and their business. Consumers look for brands that satisfy their needs and are different, better and special.

On striking a balance between home, abroad: Each business is distinct - with its own portfolio and P&L.

On overseas opportunities: Growth opportunities are what we seek and some of our key markets are in the Middle East, South East Asia, Africa, Australia and North America.