Mumbai: Workers at LG Electronics India Pvt Ltd’s Greater Noida facility who were on strike since 11 July over the transfers of some colleagues have resumed work, but will continue to push for their demands with the South Korean conglomerate, an union leader said on Thursday.

“We have resumed work from today as we have families to support and need the income from work. However we will continue to take up the issues regarding the transfer of our colleagues with the management," said Manoj Kumar Chaubey, president of the LG Electronics Employees Union said.

Chaubey said the union has got the support of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPM) and its affiliated union, Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU), whose leaders had visited them on Wednesday. “We feel we can reach a compromise on the transfers," said Chaubey.

“Brinda Karat, KM Tewari & CITU leaders @ LG Electronics’ gate 2 express solidarity with workers demand 2 form union," said a tweet by @cpimspeak, CPM’s official Twitter handle.

Close to 2000 employees at the Greater Noida plant have been on strike since 11 July partially disrupting the production, according to media reports.

About 850 permanent workers and 1,200 contract workers had stopped working. Chaubey had told on Friday that the workers went on strike as 11 permanent workers were evicted from their premises without reason.

An 18 July BusinessKorea report quoted Vikas Sharma, general secretary of the LG Electronics Employees Union, as saying, “We were given the letter on Saturday (July 9), which had ordered 11 employees including myself to be transferred to other plant, but we refused to accept it."

If the strike had continued for one more week at LG’s Greater Noida plant, then its sales for the festive season were likely to get impacted, said analysts.

“LG has no comments at this point of time," the company said in response to an email.

The 19-year plant is LG’s largest production base in India for home appliances. It produces 8,000 refrigerators, 5,000 washing machines and 700,000 compressors a day, in addition to microwave ovens, said the BusinessKorea report.