Bijesh Thakker decides to shut firm; enter philantrophy

Bijesh Thakker decides to shut firm; enter philantrophy

New Delhi: Founding partner Bijesh Thakker has decided to shut down Mumbai-based law firm Thakker & Thakker after deciding to become a full-time philantropist.

Thakker, who founded the firm in 1990 along with J.V. Thakker, made the announcement to his employees last Friday, according to a person in the company who didn’t want to be named.

The firm’s offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore will be shut on 31 December, and the 50-plus lawyers that it retains now will have to seek fresh employment.

The firm, which prinicpally services foreign clients, has practices in areas such as aviation, telecom, media, technology and outsourcing.

The story was first reported by the online law blog, Legally India on Thursday. Bijesh Thakker told Legally India via email that he was “very excited to be free to fulfil this long-term philanthropic ambition."

A former Thakker employee who didn’t want to be named said that it was extremely unsual to see a law firm close in India. But he added that since Bijesh Thakker was the face of the firm who brought in a lion’s share of its clients, the other three partners probably accepted the decision to close the practice.

Bijesh Thakker and the other three partners -- Anand Mehta, Anisha Patnaik and Ketan Kothari -- were not immediately available for comment.