Kris Goapalakrishnan | Our non-linear revenues will come from the cloud

Kris Goapalakrishnan | Our non-linear revenues will come from the cloud

Bangalore: A “new wave of technology driven change and technological disruption" around the cloud and mobility is imminent, Kris Gopalakrishnan said in an interview. In fact, he sees Infosys’ push towards more non-linear, less people dependent revenues coming from hosted platforms delivered over the internet, a scalable, cloud-like multi-tenancy model. Edited excerpts:

What are the key points of satisfaction as you look back?

Navigating the downturn, positioning Infosys for the future in terms of driving consulting, system integration, products and platforms, the cloud, and mobility. And third, putting in place the foundation for future leadership.

Is the uncertainty in spending coming from just the macro-environment or the technological rate of change?

Clearly, the global economy. Nobody can stop the rate of change. It is amazing that even in a downturn, Apple is doing very well, introducing products every nine months and so on. There is technology adoption driven by cloud and mobility, and on software you have new user interfaces. The next gen of even desktop operating systems will look more like mobile, with touch screens etc — significant implications on how we will use applications.

If I look at enterprises today, there is code written 30-40 years back running core apps. We have layered and layered on top of that, but never gone back to rewrite the core. So you will see old mainframes as well as iPads, and Apple apps all together. A bank has an iPhone app as well as mainframe backends. All of it has to be integrated. The enterprise space has become very complicated, with multiple generations of software running.

Rip and replace costs too much, unless a disruption happens around the cloud. Outsourcing will change. Traditionally, applications, data centre, and BPO were outsourced piece by piece. Now people will look at cloud. If it happens overnight, that can impact our revenues, but obviously adoption is gradual, experimental. But we are ready for the change. That is why we consciously said a third of our revenues should come from this non-linear model.

What are your expansion plans within India?

We will continue to expand in every city. There is Kolkata as a new city. In Mysore, Thiruvananthapuram, Mangalore, Hyderabad, Chandigarh and Jaipur we are expanding. In Pune and Chennai, we can expand temporarily, but then we have to look for a new campus. In Bangalore we have the new campus, kind of falling in place as we speak, so soon Bangalore can also grow.