Industry’s challenge is of employability: Premji

Industry’s challenge is of employability: Premji

Bangalore, 5 September The challenge before the industry does not lie in the supply of talent but rather that of employability, Azim Premji, Chairman Wipro Ltd, said today.

Commemorating Teachers Day with the launch of Mission 10X, an educational initiative aimed at promoting systematic changes to current teaching-learning paradigms in engineering, Premji said the challenge lay in ensuring that the talent meets the needs of the corporate world.

“While India currently boasts of one of the world’s largest most qualified pools of scientific and engineering manpower, the growing global demand for appropriately skilled, industry oriented professionals and a gradually widening demand-supply gap are expected to test the limits of India’s manpower development capabilities," he said.

“Each year, we produce almost twice the number of engineers produced by the US and a little less than twice of all that Europe produces," he added.

“The challenge is not so much from other parts of the globe as it is from China. China is today the largest producer of engineering graduates in the world. So will India overtake China over the next few years. In my view, it may not be possible though, we are not far behind," he said.

“Engineering colleges in our country have been growing at 20% a year. Further, the quality of education is also getting a boost. The paradox is that despite the increase in number of colleges,the competition for acquiring fresh talent every year is so heated that it gives an impression that resources are really scarce. In reality, there is a plethora of career options that are open for engineers of current years," he said.