Sidin Vadukut, Issue Editor

Sidin Vadukut, Issue Editor

Editor’s Note | Welcome to indulgence

Editor’s Note | Welcome to indulgence

Sidin Vadukut, Issue Editor

But one recent, and brief, article in that magazine is of particular import in this edit note. In May, James Surowiecki wrote a piece about the role “venturesome consumers" play in the US economy. He talked about how important it was that the US had customers who were willing to experiment with young start-ups and risky products.

“You might think of consumption as a fairly passive activity," says Surowiecki, “but buying new products and services is actually pretty risky, at least if you value your time and money."

This newspaper values your time and money. We try to make sure that every piece of newsprint we push your way is worth the time it takes you to flip through it, if not actually read it in full. (And by extension, I hope it is worth the sacrifice of the tree involved.)

Mint Indulge is our latest project. The entire point of Indulge is to showcase products, services, concepts, and, most importantly, ideas that have a reasonable chance of exciting the prosperous or won’tgive-up-till-I’m-prosperous male. (Though we’ve made a mental note to not shove that Y chromosome in your face.)

So in this issue, we go behind the scenes to look at the products and services that make Vertu that rare, sensible “luxury" brand. There are also short, intelligent conversations in these pages with all kinds of people: a watch marketer, an international cricketer, a chief minister and others. And instead of asking them to pontificate aimlessly, we talk to them about personal superlatives.

But Indulge is also about efficient living. So we’ve finally given an accessory some long overdue attention: the trolley bag. We’ve also tapped the minds of some experts on knives and whisky.

All this and the rest I will leave you to explore.

Now all this leaves you, the reader, in the position of an early adopter. What you have in your hands is the first quarterly issue of Mint Indulge. In a way, by opening and reading it, you’ve inadvertently become like one of those guys who sit in tents outside the Apple store days before a launch.

We thank you, venturesome reader, for your indulgence.

And we hope you enjoy it.


Issue Editor