Apollo performs 1,000 hip surfacing surgeries

Apollo performs 1,000 hip surfacing surgeries


Chennai: Apollo Hospitals in the city has completed 1000 hip surfacing surgeries, which involves treating hip problems without hip replacement.

Dr Vijay Bose, Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon at the hospital, told reporters that hip surfacing was an innovative technique, preserving bone in the hip in contrast to hip replacement. “The surgery facilitated near normal hip function, enabling patients to be very active after surgery and free from any restrictions," he said.

It would be suitable for Asian patients as they could sit on the floor or go about their routine activities comfortably after the surgery, Bose said, adding it was also much longer lasting as it employed a metal on metal bearing. He said the first hip surfacing surgery was done in May 2000. The youngest patient to undergo it was a 12-year old girl, three years ago.

The number of patients affected with hip problems was high among Asians, since they used more steroids for treating various diseases. “They use traditional medicines which contain a high amount of steroids, which cuts off blood supply to the hip and causes problems," he said.

Asked whether use of steroids was not advisable, he said it was necessary for all doctors to use medicines with steroid content and it would not be harmful if the dosage was right.

Roger Fiach from US, the 1001st patient, said he preferred the surgery to be done in India, not to save money, but to be treated by the best doctors. Dr Prathap C Reddy, chairman of Apollo Hospitals Group and Paul Terrell, the 1000th patient were also present.