New Delhi: Indians are likely to take shorter but more frequent trips and pick unique experiences such as undersea accommodation in 2019, according to a survey by a travel website.

Three out of four travellers plan to take more weekend trips next year, according to the findings of the survey by Close to nine out of 10 either have or would participate in cultural exchanges and more than three in four plan to travel to a destination that makes them feel like a child again.

These are among the eight insights from the survey to find out what the Indian traveller wants in 2019.

As much as 70% of those surveyed say they are excited about the prospect of travelling to space in the future and are open to experiencing it themselves. Three in five are, however, ready for experiences such as undersea hotels.

The survey of Indians is part of a larger global one in which more than 21,500 respondents from 29 countries participated.

“Technological advances, coupled with growing consumer appetite, will compel the industry to go beyond conventional travel experiences," said Ritu Mehrotra, country manager, India, Sri Lanka and Maldives,

“Travelling has become aspirational. It is all about going to a place your friends have visited and clicking photos that are of the same place but different than theirs," said Steve Borgia, managing director of InDeco Leisure Hotels. “This obsession is almost bordering on showing off and this trend will continue to grow."

In a September interview, Michael Issenberg, chief executive (Asia-Pacific) of AccorHotels, too spoke about a similar trend. “If you look at what people post on social media, it is usually a lot about travel," he said.

Enriching experiences were at the core of travelling this year and the next year will see this trend getting more pronounced, according to the study.

Borgia concurs. About 30 families from Tamil Nadu went to Rajasthan for weddings recently. “When I asked them why they went all the way to Rajasthan, the standard response was: ‘I wanted the wedding to happen in a palace’." He is, in fact, constructing a palace in a village in the foothills of Kodaikanal to provide something similar. “It has 50 acres of lawns and I am sure it would see 100 weddings each year," he said.

Curated travel itineraries squeezed into shorter time frames are also seen as one of the big trends next year. “With developments in technology, which make booking a trip easier than ever, travellers are looking to make the most of short trips," the report said.

“With continued innovations in transport, from more flight routes to sharable and easy, on-demand car rentals, as well as real-time public transport insights, the micro trip will become more varied and tailored, making shorter trips more personal and rewarding."