Virgin Atlantic files case in UK against Jet

Virgin Atlantic files case in UK against Jet

Mumbai: Britain-based Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd has filed a case in a UK court charging Jet Airways (India) Ltd with infringing its patent on flatbed seats for the premium class.

In its Tuesday edition, Mint reported that Jet Airways had objected to a patent claim filed in India by Virgin for the design and technology of the seats and the so-called herringbone configuration used in its upper class, the same as first or business classes on other carriers.

Virgin, founded by Richard Branson, holds the patent and design rights for the flatbed seating system in several countries, including in the UK.

“We are currently pursuing Jet in the UK courts for jointly developing a seat with manufacturer Contour, which infringes Virgin Atlantic’s patent," Anna Knowles, head of public relations at Virgin Atlantic, wrote in an email on Tuesday. “Any actions which Jet takes in India will have no impact on these UK actions."

Knowles added that Virgin had been granted patents in multiple jurisdictions and has a pending patent in India. “It has always been and will remain a key strategic objective of Virgin Atlantic to protect its intellectual property rights from misuse by third parties," she wrote.

A Jet spokeswoman said in a text message on Tuesday that the airline would not comment on the issue as it is sub judice.