Boeing says will compensate AI, Jet for delay

Boeing says will compensate AI, Jet for delay

New Delhi: American aircraft-maker Boeing on Sunday said that it will have to compensate Air India and Jet Airways for the “gross" delays in deliveries of the new Dreamliner jets B-787, for which orders were placed in 2005.

“It is the first time in my sales career which began in 1987 in Boeing that I am paying (compensation) because we are not only late but grossly late (in delivering B-787)," Boeing India President Dinesh Keskar said.

Indian carriers would start getting the new widebodied long range aircraft being developed by Boeing from 2011, after a delay of about three years, he said but declined to give any specifics on the nature and quantum of the proposed compensation.

The company will deliver its first 787 to All Nippon Airways of Japan next year, marking a delay of about two years.

Dreamliner’s first test-flight is, however, slated to before the end of the year.

Air India placed orders for 27 of these airplanes, the delivery of which has now been scheduled to begin 2011. Similarly, Jet Airways has ordered 10 Dreamliners with delivery starting in 2014 and going on till 2016.

Globally, the American aircraft major has received orders for 850 Dreamliners.