Craftsmanship is key to the quality of luxury products

Craftsmanship is key to the quality of luxury products

Mumbai: The name Salvatore Ferragamo is synonymous with luxury footwear, so it is no surprise that his daughter loves shoes more than anything else in the world. Fulvia Visconti Ferragamo was at the Mint Luxury Conference to talk about the importance of the accessory. Ferragamo’s Hollywood legacy is well known, with everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Angelina Jolie having sported the brand’s innovative designs. Visconti Ferragamo is the vice-president of the holding company of the brand and discussed the brand’s 80-year-old heritage in an interview. Edited excerpts:

What does luxury mean to you?

Luxury helps us feel special in every moment of our lives and helps us dream. High quality is the essential element of luxury products. High quality is the result of creativity, colours, shapes, craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Craftsmanship is key, because I think that the time has come to restore the value of the expertise of a craftsman, and to look to the solid foundation of the past to create the new. A craftsman is not just someone who works with his hands, but an expert who performs his work with excellence. He has a deep personal commitment to the final product, pays attention to detail and is innovative.

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What according to you are the essentials for luxury living?

A comfortable pair of shoes. Everybody is looking for comfortable shoes.

An elegant, well-made shoe is most important because when you walk well, your personal energy can shine through. Based on our philosophy, shoes shouldn’t be just a mirror of a seasonal trend. We’d rather see shoes as an object of design with shapes, volumes, materials and creativity that enrich the creation but also always fit perfectly. This is the only way to improve our ability to relate to women. We are looking for a more intimate relation with clients and thanks to our shoes we are able to exalt and respect their inner elegance.

A luxury you predict will become a necessity in the near future?

Time. Today—and increasingly tomorrow, true luxury is having the time to spend with ourselves and with our dearest friends.

Which is your favourite luxury-shopping destination?

Milan is so up-to-date on the latest novelties and contemporary designers and you can find whatever you want. The city is now booming and it has become not only the capital of fashion, but also of design. The Salone del Mobile (international furniture fair in Milan) is of worldwide importance.

Which is the oldest luxury item in your wardrobe that you think justified the price you paid for it?

My first beautiful cashmere vintage coat which I bought when I was 15 years old. I bought it from my own money in Florence. I saved for months for it and it was my first purchase made from my own money.

Please tell us something about the ready-to-wear and accessory trends at Ferragamo this season?

The innate sense of luxury meets a little bit of miscegenation, a marriage that simultaneously blends the bohemian and aristocratic lifestyles. In the accessories this season, there is a symphony of neutral tones mixed with the warm hues of the earth. Materials used are leather, raffia and fabric...

Which has been your biggest luxury indulgence so far?

The chance to travel for pleasure whenever I can.