Medical tourism revenue expected to grow Rs10k cr by 2012

Medical tourism revenue expected to grow Rs10k cr by 2012

Mumbai: Despite the global economic downturn, medical tourism has emerged as the fastest growing segment of the Indian tourism industry as it provides first world treatment at third world cost.

Over 3,00,000 patients have so far come to India for medical treatment from over 30 countries this year and India earned over Rs8,500 crore revenue, a medical referrals agency said on Monday.

“The Indian medical tourism industry is at a nascent stage, but has an enormous potential for future growth and development. This sector has the highest growth potential after IT and BPO and will bracket India among the world’s elite healthcare providers," Aarex India, said.

Aarex India is a leading medical referrals agency which receives over 200 enquiries every month from all over the world. The agency made a presentation on medical tourism at Convergence-2009 Workshop on Medical Tourism, held here.

Medical tourism is expected to generate revenue of Rs10,000 crore by 2012 and over 3,50,000 patients from across the world are expected to come to India for treatment, it said.

Aarex India said countries like the US, UK, Canada, Russia, the Middle-East, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Mauritius and the Central Asian Republics are preferring India’s affordable medical tourism.