China’s luxury binge

China’s luxury binge

Shoppers in Asia, especially China, have kept the global luxury brands market alive, according to a study by Bain and Co.

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Although sales will shrink 8% in 2009 to €153 billion (around Rs10.7 trillion), that decline is lower than expected, thanks to China’s buoyant 12% year-on-year sales growth and the 20% increase in the online business, says Bain’s Luxury Goods Worldwide Market report.

The luxury sector will not fully recover before 2011, when it is expected to grow by 4.2%, said Bain’s Claudia D’Arpizio.

“Growth will be timid in 2010 but it’s showing movement in the right direction," she said. We present the key findings of the study.

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Graphics by Ahmed Raza Khan / Mint and Yogesh Kumar / Mint