Mint Quiz #23

Mint Quiz #23

Plastics/polymer companies

1. This company was founded in 1934 when Vrajlal Parekh began manufacturing metal buttons in a one-machine factory shed. In 1950, the founder bought Windsor machines to start plastic manufacture under the name National Plastics, and went on to manufacture a full range of household plastic items. What name did the company take in 1981?

Nilkamal Plastics

2. With an annual capacity of 2.5 million tonnes, which Indian company is the world’s largest polyester manufacturer?

Reliance Industries Ltd

3. This company, earlier known as Bharat Vijay Mills Ltd began plastic manufacture in 1975, and began producing polythelene industrial containers and tanks. It is synonymous with a single product which has become enormously popular. Which company?


Motifs on currency notes

4. The picture of which natural feature replaced the picture of the King on Nepalese currency notes in September 2007?

Mount Everest

5. Which 18th century economist and philosopher features on this 20 pound note?

Adam Smith

6. Which Scottish historical novelist and poet (See: picture) features on notes of all denominations issued by the Bank of Scotland?

Walter Scott


7. The name of which social science comes from the Latin term that translates to “household management"?


8. This word comes from the name of a stick used to keep accounts in medieval times. Notches would be made on this stick to indicate the amount owed or paid. The stick would be split length-wise, and the lender and creditor would keep one piece each. The name of this stick has come into the English language to mean ‘to compare’, particularly in an accounting/numerical sense. Which word?


9. Which word originates from an epithet of the Roman goddess Juno, who was the protectress of finances?

Money. Juno was also known as Juno Moneta