Mint quiz

Mint quiz

Air Deccan

1. This comic character began getting published in 1951 in The Times of India, and was chosen as the mascot of Air Deccan in 2005 because of Air Deccan’s vision of getting every Indian to fly at least once in their lifetime. Which character?

The Common Man, created by R.K. Laxman.

2.The creator of the cartoon character referred to in Question 1 suggested a certain pricing offer that was used by Air Deccan. This offer was said to be a precondition for using his character as mascot. What offer?

The Re1 fare.

3.In August 2007, to celebrate the centenary celebrations of a certain company, Air Deccan launched a flight to the city housing the main plant of this company. Which company and city?

Tata Steel. The city is Jamshedpur.

Advertising personalities

4.He dropped out of Oxford, and worked as a chef and a salesman. He began his career in advertising at the age of 38, and went on to co-found his company. He attained legendary status, primarily due the iconic campaigns he created for Dove, Rolls Royce, Hathway shirts, etc. Who?

David Ogilvy, of Ogilvy and Mather.

5.He worked as a journalist before starting work as a copywriter in 1917. In 1935, he founded his own agency. His philosophy was to create an image around the product, and to capture what he called the “inherent drama" of the brand. The Marlboro man was one of his most famous creations. Who?

Leo Burnett

6.He began working as a journalist, but left to work as a salesman so it’d be easier for him to support his wife. He discovered advertising while working as a salesman, and began working with ad firm F Wallis Armstrong in 1916. He co-founded his firm in 1923. He pioneered the systematic study of consumer preferences. His credo was “resist the usual". Who?

Raymond Rubicam

Indian pharma companies

7.Which company was founded in 1935 as the Chemical, Industrial and Pharmaceutical Laboratories?

Cipla. From Chemical, Industrial and Pharmaceutical Laboratories.

8.This company takes its name from its founders Ranjit Singh and Gurbux Singh, who incorporated it to market pharmaceuticals in Amritsar. Which?

Ranbaxy. The founders Ranjit Singh and Gurbux Singh.

9.This company is named after its founder, who was an Ayurvedic doctor in Bengal, and used to travel to far-flung villages to treat people. He founded this company in 1884, which was named after a shortened form of the way he was usually addressed. Which company?

Dabur. From a shortened version of Doctor Burman.