Ingersoll Rand makes foray into cold chain consultancy segment

Ingersoll Rand makes foray into cold chain consultancy segment

Bangalore: Diversified industrial company Ingersoll Rand, on Friday, announced its entry into the cold chain consultancy segment in India.

The size of the cold chain market in India is estimated at 800 crore and is growing at the rate of 20-22%.

The company plans to provide a host of services and solutions to address issues of storage, transportation and delivery of perishable products.

India sees wastage of about 30-35% of its perishable produce, consisting of fruits and vegetables, meat, poultry, milk and marine products, every year, resulting in an estimated loss of $11 billion. The wastage is largely due to the non-availability of appropriate infrastructure, both static and mobile.

Ingersoll Rand aims to leverage this opportunity to provide consultancy services on structural planning, storage knowledge, automation, cold chain transport, remote tracking and refrigeration. Ingersoll Rand is also currently piloting reefer transportation models that are suitable for small farm holdings in rural India.

Considering the poor road infrastructure that exists in the country and increasing fuel prices, it has built energy efficient refrigeration systems that are mounted on small format vehicles that can be maneuvered to collect perishable produce both, for the first mile and the last mile, it said in a statement here.