Tokyo: Korean auto major Hyundai Motor on Thursday said it is currently studying the Indian market to launch commercial vehicles as part of its global plan to strengthen the segment.

To begin with, the company that mainly sells compact cars in India, is considering to introduce high-end and premium trucks in the country.

A file photo of a Hyundai plant

Asked by when the company could launch the commercial vehicles in India, he said, “We hope to launch it very soon."

Without giving details, Lee said the company is looking at high-end and premium trucks for the Indian market initially. Besides, it is also considering at introducing buses as well.

“We are trying to launch high-end and premium trucks. As far as the models that we have, I think it is not a problem. We have many models all over the world," he added.

He said the company took time to enter the Indian commercial vehicles market as the low cost ones used to be more attractive there, which is changing now.

“Premium model truck is attractive (now) for the Indian market but we think bus is also profitable," Lee said, adding the company is deciding which model will be launched.

“Then, we will decide how many units. It is not enough to just launch a product, we have to think about the service part also and that is taking time," he added.

The company, which Thursday showcased a new luxury bus ‘Universe’ here, said it has gradually expanded its presence in the commercial vehicle segment over the last few years, starting with Japan and South Africa.

Besides, last year it had entered Spain, China, Vietnam and Pakistan as well.