India Economic Forum | Taking RTI further

India Economic Forum | Taking RTI further

New Delhi: The day before the IES starts, private sessions begin. These sessions continue through the conference. These are by invitation events where the WEF invites people with domain expertise to discuss in a roundtable format — any specific area.

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One of the key passions of the founding head of the WEF, Klaus Schwab since the beginning of the financial crisis has been to take these troubled times and reform large parts of the existing system in a ‘Global redesign initiative’ (GRI). The redesign is not limited only to the economic or the financial worlds and includes areas of governance.

I attended a session on the GRI initiative on Saturday morning and various people who were taking initiatives discussed the issues behind their redesign initiative. I am heading one on the right to public information and believe it can be a source of major change throughout the world.

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We have a small group working on the issue of creating a model Act and creating discussion forums on then implementing the substantive parts across the world. Over 80 countries have versions of the right to public information in their countries but around a third of them have wholly ignored its implementation, another third have a mixed record and the balance have made good use of such an Act to create transparency and reduce discretion and corruption amongst other benefits.

India with its 4 years of the right to information Act has many experiences to share with the world and I am happy to invite comments on particularly effective success stories on the right to information from India.