Wipro Infotech launches supercomputers in India

Wipro Infotech launches supercomputers in India

Bangalore: Wipro Infotech, the India, Middle East and Asia Pacific IT business unit of Wipro Ltd, on 13 September announced the launch of Wipro Supernova -- a range of supercomputers and superstorage in India.

Wipro is building Supernova grounds up in India in exclusive partnership with Z RESEARCH, Inc., a California-based organisation specialised in commoditising supercomputers and superstorage.

Supernova includes a complete range of supercomputers with an entry level configuration delivering one trillion mathematical calculations per second going up to hundred thousand trillions of calculations per second and superstorage scaling to multiple hundred petabytes, company officials said.

Vice-President of Wipro Personal Computing, Ashutosh Vaidya, said the trend of leveraging India’s skills in engineering and industrial design working along with expertise in animation design, simulation and modeling and bioinformatics is gaining tremendous momentum.

“For this, customers require access to sustainable and manageable supercomputing and superstorage infrastructure. Supernova is an answer to that market need", he said.

Officials said Wipro Supernova promises to meet faster data-crunching and storage needs of high-end scientific research labs in defence, geological surveys, biotechnology, animation and other high end design space.

Co-Founder of Z RESEARCH, Anand Babu, said: “India is a vital market for us and we are excited to bring supercomputing and massive distributed clustered storage technology and solutions to India by partnering with Wipro".