New Delhi: Indian Angel Network has expanded its operations to Israel and will invest in areas like healthcare, agritech, cybersecurity and cleantech.

IAN, which claims to be the world’s largest angel investor group with over 450 institutional and individual members, has presence in the US, the UK, Canada, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Hong Kong, apart from India.

“We now have operations in 3 of the 4 top start-up hubs in the world. Israel is also a leader in terms of patents being filed. We are keen on working with some very interesting companies in Israel," IAN co-founder and president Padmaja Ruparel told PTI.

She added that some areas of interest include healthcare and related devices, agri-tech, cybersecurity and cleantech. “We will work with investors from India and Israel. The idea is to connect the most innovative companies in the world to the largest and fastest growing markets and the most savvy investors globally," Ruparel said.

IAN has also partnered with entrepreneur Anat Bernstein- Reich, who is also the chairperson of Israel-India Chamber of Commerce and President of the Israel-India Friendship Association (IIFA).

“I have long believed that bringing together the entrepreneurial ecosystems of Israel and India would be of great benefit to both countries and indeed to the world...I am delighted to partner IAN in Israel," Bernstein-Reich, managing director of A&G Partners, said.