Tatas may reinvest in Singur: Nirupam Sen

Tatas may reinvest in Singur: Nirupam Sen

Kolkata: Over two years after the pull out of the Nano project in Singur, West Bengal industry minister Nirupam Sen on Sunday said that the Tatas might reconsider investingin the area.

“We want Tata Motors to set up an industry there. And, they have said that they may consider the matter within a day or two," Sen told reporters after a CPM state secretariat meeting.

“The land had been bought and acquired for industry. We hope that people living there will create the proper environment for that," he said.

When asked whether the state government was hopeful of the Tatas investing again at Singur, he replied, “Yes."

On 29 October, the Tatas had told the Supreme Court that the land allocated for the Nano project still belonged to it, which could be used for some other purpose.

Their counsel Mukul Rohatgi had said the Tatas still had the lease for the land and the infrastructure which could be used for some other purpose.

He had said despite having a lease deed for 90 years in its favour for 646 acre, there was no activity and the company was paying rent of 1 crore every year and lost 500 crore.

The Nano project had driven away from Singur in Hooghly district to Sanad in Gujarat in September 2008 after prolonged agitation by the Trinamool Congress demanding return of 400 acre of land to farmers who had unwillingly parted with it.