Essar Telecom joins hands with Rolls Royce for campaign

Essar Telecom joins hands with Rolls Royce for campaign

New Delhi: A “Rock with Rolls" promotion campaign was launched in Delhi to promote The MobileStore brand powered by Essar and Virgin.

Rajiv Agarwal, CEO and director, Essar Telecom Retail Ltd. flagged off the Rolls in the capital with the intention of garnering “buzz, visibility and mileage" with the first such ground carnival and media hype that was generated with the tie-up with Rolls Royce.

The car will move from town-to-town following a pre-defined route. It will steer its way across cities giving the Indian consumer the touch and feel experience of The MobileStore brand.

The road show hopes to reach out to different cross sections of society and create sufficient impact and brand value. Giving people free rides, it will combine fun and excitement with raising aspirational value in the eyes of potential customers.

Nokia and Airtel have also joined hands to partner in this initiative. The message is that customers can enjoy a “Best in Class" telecom shopping experience and be made to feel like royalty.

According to Bob McDougall, sales director, COM sales & marketing, Nokia India, “ we believe in offering our customers a world that is connected while empowering them to experience the power of mobility anywhere anytime."

Along with the ride there are plenty of freebees that include gift coupons, music CDs and lunch vouchers.