New Delhi: It comes as a bit of a surprise when one of the country’s biggest movie superstars says he leads a “very boring life". That’s Salman Khan. In a free-wheeling conversation at the 15th Hindustan Times Leadership Summit, Khan said it is journalists who make his life sound “interesting".

At the final session of the first day of the summit, the actor was at his witty best despite a sore throat.

“Everyone here must have led a better life than me. I have been working 24 hours since the age of 15. I have slept in cars because there were no vanity vans and only worked all my life," Khan said, downplaying his larger-than-life image.

When Shekhar Gupta, editor of news portal The Print, who was the session moderator, asked him what the toughest thing was about being Salman Khan, the actor mouthed a popular dialogue from his film Wanted. “Ek baar maine commitment kar di, toh main apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta… It is about the commitments that I make. Like today, in spite of being ill, I am here because I had committed," Khan said.

Dressed in a dark grey suit, Salman said that although he is 52, he is still as enthusiastic as he was when he was younger. When a member of the audience asked him about how he still manages to look young, the actor said: “Mentally, I am still growing up; I would be about 27 now…"

Speaking about the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment controversy that has rocked Hollywood, Khan said he did not know of any such case in the Hindi film industry. “I have been here for the longest time. My father has been here. Till date, I have never heard this. No one has come out and said it."

“He (Weinstein) got caught. Sometimes you push it so much that you feel it’s easy. You think everyone is the same. I feel it’s the most disgusting thing ever on this planet to exploit, to use someone to get them work. I hate it," Khan said, adding that if he ever came across such a case, he would personally take the guilty “to the cleaners".

Asked about the Padmavati row, Khan said it isn’t fair to hurt anyone’s sentiments, but neither is it fair to comment on the film without seeing it. “The Supreme Court and the censor board will make the correct decision and people should respect that. I have been doing it," said the actor, referring to his legal tangles.

Khan ended the session on a philosophical note, taking a dig at himself, when asked how he deals with failures. “In life, not in love," said Gupta, to which Khan responded: “Love, I am used to it! But in life, to deal with failure is difficult. But when I feel I am being targeted, I walk outside my ground-floor flat and see the watchman sleeping after doing double shifts, fans waiting outside just to get a glimpse, someone washing a car. I say to myself, enjoy your life… I have the most amazing life, my parents are healthy, brothers and sisters are doing well and the fans love us. We are blessed… 99% of the population of our country hasn’t seen this kind of lifestyle and love and adulation."

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