Unlimited mobility

Unlimited mobility

Some of the most popular advertisements are not necessarily known for their superb creatives. They make it to the top because they are able to strike a chord wth consumers and communicate simply.

The Tata Indicom film, which topped Mint’s survey for August, proves the point, yet again. It scored the highest in brand recall and awareness, the two factors which decide the reach of the advertisement.

Around 94% of the respondents surveyed remembered the Tata Indicom advertisement, showing a girl in a locker room chatting on her cellphone with a stopwatch in hand because she is worried her limited talktime will run out.

The use of an actor as a character rather than a celebrity in the series of Tata ads has worked.

The survey was conducted exclusively for Mint by Synovate, a global market research agency, supported by TV Ad Index, an ad monitoring firm.

It covered 750 respondents in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, in the 18-40 age group, who have access to cable or satellite television and belong to the high-income groups.

Agency: Rediffusion-Dentsu,Young & Rubicam

In its latest ad, Airtel, yet again, rides on emotions and relationships. A schoolboy enjoying the rain calls up his father so that he, too, can listen to the sound of the rain over the phone.

Brand:Asian Paints Royale Play

Agency: Contract Advertising

The ad shows sibling actors Soha and Saif Ali Khan at a show where Soha appreciates a painting which Saif fails to understand. However, he impresses his sister by creating a beautiful pattern on the wall when he paints it with Royale Play.

Brand:Pepsi MyCan

Agency: JWT

Pepsi’s latest advert is all about chutzpah and individuality. The ad shows a boy sidelining actors Shah Rukh Khan and John Abraham, asking them to step aside while he continues on his way to a vending machine and a new Pepsi MyCan.

Brand:Lay’s Spanish Tomato Tango

Agency: JWT

Actor Saif Ali Khan and his friends climb to the top of the college bus, only to find a group of girls already there. The girls, initially peeved, relent when the boys give them a taste of Lay’s latest offering.

Agency: Rediffusion-Dentsu,Young & Rubicam

This ad just puts the message across simply. Actor Kirron Kher reads a letter from a satisfied Tata Sky customer, which spells out one of a million reasons for subscribing to Tata Sky services.

Brand: Aviva Life Insurance

Agency: Publicis

This ad shows a child telling his father what he wants to become when he grows up. After much deliberation, he has decided to become a cricketer. The way to budget for this and achieve it is by securing the child’s future with Aviva Little Master Plan.

Brand:Axis Bank

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

This ad, announcing the change of UTI Bank to Axis Bank, features two identical girls who create confusion for their teacher and others in the class, to drive home the point that it is only the bank’s name that has changed.


Agency: Leo Burnett

The latest ad of Tide, with its rose and jasmine fragrances, rides on the element of fun. A man in a white shirt is surprised to see people in dirty clothes praying for sunshine. All that is needed is the new detergent, which has the power of the sun—‘Sooraj ki shakti’.

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

Like Bingo’s other ads, this one, too, talks about Bingo’s perfect combination. A man invents a combination of man and fire engine and fails—but Bingo’s new combination of red chilli and potato chips does not fail.

Brand: Sunfeast Snacky

Agency: FCB-Ulka Advertising

The ad shows an angry Diya Mirza being offered a Sunfeast Snacky biscuit by Shah Rukh Khan. Mirza’s temper mellows as she enjoys the biscuit and Khan’s antics. “Crisp, karara Sunfeast Snacky. Namkeen aur chilli flakes...ke saath," says the voice-over.