REVIEWER: EMMANUEL UPPUTURU, national creative director for Publicis India, has spent over 12 years in advertising and has worked with brands such as Shell, Dabur, Shriram Honda, Kawasaki, Nokia, Mother Dairy, Gillette, Limca, Sprite, Motorola, Maruti and American Express Bank.


Refreshing: Upputuru

What did you think of the ad campaign?

A very refreshing film on Indian television after a long time. When you see a good film, it gets you right in the beginning—it could be the way the first shot is framed or the dialogue or the sound design. This film meets that tough brief and doesn’t let you down as it progresses. A very simple idea, but very well-executed. It has great casting, great direction and good production value. Must congratulate the client as well for going with this kind of cast because a lot of clients want to see good-looking people in every frame.

Does this campaign communicate well with its target audience?

I guess it does. The good thing about this commercial is actually (that) it is a very good product window. Most good ads are. The question one has to ask really is: Will people talk about it and will they pass it on? Someone posted this ad on my Facebook wall and were saying nice things about it. The ad talks about all the things of the product in an entertaining fashion, so I see no reason why it shouldn’t work.

When it comes to creating campaigns for commercial vehicles such as Tata Ace, what should agencies keep in mind?

I have worked on car ads and I know it’s not easy. When you are working on commercial vehicles, obviously you will have to talk in commercial terms and conditions. You have to promise that this will make you lots of money, it won’t let you down. That it makes good business sense.

Which is your favourite auto campaign and why?

I don’t remember any particularly great spot for a commercial vehicle. However, there are tons of great ads for cars. The one I remember most is a bit of an old commercial, but it’s a great one. The ad is for Mercedes’ proprietary 4Matic all-wheel-drive system and its astonishing home-wrecking capabilities. Will the husband make it through the blizzard to catch his wife in the arms of another man? Before you can find the answer, you are shocked that the husband himself is at the door of a woman who asks, “Is your wife expecting you?"—and the answer is the memorable “Not in this weather!" Great product demo.

As told to Gouri Shah.