While Black Friday sales are one of the biggest in the US, they are little known in India. Nearly everyone, from offline retailers to e-commerce sites, offer a variety of products at discounted prices during the sale.

The Black Friday sale will be held this year on November 23. While the sale is most popular in the US, many sellers on American online stores, which include Amazon and eBay, do ship internationally. This means you can order products you wouldn’t normally find in Indian stores. While doing this doesn’t necessarily result in massive savings, it may let you buy internationally available products at comparatively lower prices.

What should you look out for?

India has caught on relatively well with the US when it comes to the latest electronics. You have the latest devices from Silicon Valley here as well. So it won’t really make a lot of sense if you’re thinking of buying the latest iPhones during this sale, as they will not only be costlier, but will be tied to an American carrier.

It might make sense to buy products like food items (like Twinkies), musical instruments (guitar pedals), headphones (Marshalls), toys (Anki Cozmo) or even shoes.

Once you’ve prioritised your needs, the next step would be checking if a seller ships internationally. If yes, calculate other costs that you will incur. This includes customs, shipping charges and conversion fees.

If a retailer doesn’t ship internationally, you can use a third-party shipping service like Viabox or boxinus to get your package delivered in India. These services essentially assign you a physical address in the US which can be used to forward the shipment.

These third-party services also offer calculators that help you estimate your expenditure while shipping products to India.