BCCI complains over “inadequate” review system

BCCI complains over “inadequate” review system

Mumbai: Miffed with the controversial Umpire Decision Review System (UDRS), the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) sent out a strongly worded letter to Haroon Lorgat, chief executive of the International Cricket Council (ICC), on Wednesday.

The letter, signed by BCCI secretary, N Srinivasan, maintained that the BCCI has consistently opposed usage of the UDRS as it was not convinced of the technical adequacy of the system. “A presentation made by Hawk Eye to BCCI where Mr. S Venkataraghavan, former International Umpire and Director of Umpires, BCCI was present was not convincing and the supplier of the technology themselves felt “a leap of faith" was necessary in order to accept the system." Srinivasan went on to emphasize that the “inadequacy of the UDRS has been exposed in the CWC 2011." Pointing to the group stage match between India and England, the letter maintained that it “clearly brought out the inadequacy of the system".

During the match which ended in a draw between India and England, England’s Ian Bell was ruled not out by on-field umpire Billy Bowden as well as the third umpire. This was despite television replays which showed the ball hitting the stumps, at the Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore. When India’s Yuvraj Singh struck Bell on the pads with the final ball of the 26th over, Bell was on 17 runs.

“The ICC in consultation with Hawk Eye formed playing conditions which specified when the umpire could rely on Hawk Eye and when he cannot. This itself is an admission on the question of reliability of the system including ball tracking technology," said Srinivasan in the letter.

The cricket board also took strong objection to ICC general manager David Richardson’s criticism of Indian captain M S Dhoni who in a post match conference said, “Adulteration of technology with human thinking is bad. That’s why we didn’t get that wicket. Hopefully, next time it will be either technology or human intention."

To which, Richardson’s commented that there were a set of rules along with the hawk eye to assist in making a decision when UDRS was implemented. “Most of the time, a player is not fully aware of all the rules. If MS Dhoni is made aware of the specifications of these rules, then I am sure that he will accept the decision that was made."

BCCI said that the comment was out of place as the Indian captain only highlighted the inadequacy of the system. “It was there for the world to see. For ICC’s representative to criticise a player for his post match press conference while the world cup is being played tantamount to pressurising the player. Mr Richardson has no right to do so."


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