Strong ratings continue for IPL 3

Strong ratings continue for IPL 3

Day six ratings of the Indian Premier League proved that it was not just weekend traffic pushing up the viewership of the tournament on the SET (Sony Entertainment Television) Max channel. According to Audience Measurement and Analytics Ltd (aMap), an overnight television audience measurement agency, television rating points (TRPs) for Monday’s match was 5.3% in cable and satellite households of viewers aged 15 and above (CS15+) and 4.8% for the age group of four and above (CS4+). In a comparison with previous seasons, ratings for the Monday match were 83% higher than season two and 51% higher than season one.

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In the CS4+ market, season three outpaced last year’s ratings by 84% and season one by 50%. The aMap viewership data showed that although men still drove IPL viewership with TRPs averaging 3.6% for males for the first six matches women were not far behind with TRPs rapidly catching up at 3.2%. In a market-wise break-up, Bangalore emerged with the most number of viewers while Kerala showed the least interest in the tournament.

Graphic by Paras Jain/Mint