San Francisco: Google Inc. is making it simpler to get more advertising on everyone’s smartphones.

The Mountain View, California-based company announced tools on Monday that automatically resize advertising spots for desktop computers to fit mobile devices, Jonathan Alferness, director of product management for mobile display ads, said in a post.

The company also will offer “anchor" marketing spots that remain at the bottom of mobile device screens, even as viewers scroll down a page. Users can dismiss the ads at any time.

“It’s true that mobile devices offer a new canvas for advertisers to connect with consumers, but painting on this canvas has not always been easy," Alferness said in the post. “But now, a new generation of display ads is changing how advertisers engage with consumers on mobile devices."

The services, announced as part of the Advertising Week industry gathering this week in New York, is part of Google’s attempt to boost offerings for marketers to spend more on smartphones and tablets—devices that consumers increasingly access when they want to check their e-mail, surf the Web or post to a social-networking service. Ad spending on mobile gadgets is set to expand by 85% this year to $33 billion, totalling almost one-quarter of all digital-ad spending, according to EMarketer Inc.

The various ad tools—which are being offered across different Google platforms—are set to be released in the coming months, the company said. Bloomberg

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