Browsing before buying travel

Browsing before buying travel

Google India conducted research to understand online and offline consumer behaviour across a cross-section of travel purchase decisions and the role played by search engines. The key findings show that Indian travellers are increasingly devoting more time to researching holiday travel, potential destinations, pilgrimages and hotels, spending, on average, at least two-and-a-half hours on each.

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More interestingly, offline purchasers use search engines and newspapers more than those purchasing travel products online as they tend to research more to find the best deals. Consumers found search engines the most helpful when learning about new travel products and shortlisting options.

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The study also showed that brand awareness is critical for consumers as most Indian consumers have a narrow consideration set and usually visit fewer than three websites before buying, with two-thirds of consumers having some idea about the travel product brands they plan to consider.

Graphics by Rahul Awasthi/Mint