On the spot | Some questions to ponder on

On the spot | Some questions to ponder on

Unpretentious, makes a point

Moov Cream/Spray

Triton Communications

Not a great commercial but based on a real and somewhat uncomfortable

Responsible advertising


Network Advertising

Now here is a brand that has an extraordinarily difficult task at hand. It offers

Aamir, Gul make it watchable

Tata Sky Plus

Ogilvy and Mather

Using celebrities to tell a product story should be easy but often one ends up

Turkey of the month

Excruciatingly simplistic

The contenders—the moth-eaten Bharti corporate ad which should have been a

The winner—the excruciatingly simplistic ‘Hindustan Times’ ad with the “let us ask the leaders" premise. Why do wars take place? Why is corruption rampant? Let us ask our leaders. Beginning with Asif Ali Zardari. Right.

(‘Hindustan Times’ is published by HT Media Ltd, which also publishes Mint.)