Indian film-maker bags top Commonwealth Vision Award ’07

Indian film-maker bags top Commonwealth Vision Award ’07


London: India’s freelance film-maker G D Jayalakshmi has bagged a top prize in the Commonwealth Vision Awards 2007 for her film “Paper! Paper".

The 90-second film is a celebration of initiatives to recycle paper in India and according to the film-maker, “it stands as an example and a symbol of traditional Indian values - under threat today but still surviving - to conserve anything that may be of use, to let nothing go to waste".

A producer and director, Jayalakshmi has worked for BBC for 11 years and is working as a freelance film-maker for the past seven years.

This year’s Commonwealth Vision Awards saw a strong Indian presence, with another entrant of Indian origin hailing from Fiji, also being highly commended for his work.

Raltesh Chandra’s film “The Gill Family", co-directed with Robert Zraick, focuses on a “typical family" that lives under water due to the effects of global warming.

Five other short-listed entries came from India (two), Pakistan, Antigua and Barbuda, and Canada.

The top prize however, was bagged in by Jacqueline Van Meygaarden, a South African film maker, for her film “Free Energy".