Wish I had made this ad... | A commendable leap in strategy

Wish I had made this ad... | A commendable leap in strategy

Max New York Life


Zyaada (more)… in these times? Sure! We have had a few crazy weeks — swinging stock markets (mostly free falling), gold rising and falling at will, crude oil jumping and slipping, mass sackings and then recalling of employees. Banks have clearly told us that our savings are insured for Rs1 lakh only.

And in the middle of all this, we review an insurance ad! Life really is full of ironies. To be precise, we review the Max New York Life television commercial and how the brand has changed its voice since inception. The recent ad film for Max New York Life shows a baby mouthing his first few words; daddy… then he repeats after his parents… mama… banana…working his parents up to fits of joyousness and exhilaration. By now, the overenthusiastic father expects the kid to say Czechoslovakia. Thank God, the creative team and the client refrained from making the toddler say Max New York Life. The closing voice-over sums it up nicely… “Karo zyaada ka irada" (Plan for more)… so that your dreams don’t have to be downsized as your kids grow up.

Anil Madan, Creative director, Aqua Communications Pvt. Ltd

The commercial does its job pretty effectively. It also showcases a commendable leap in communication strategy for a client-agency team which had earlier done ads that showed people praying for life, unwilling to compromise (“Ab koi samjhauta nahin") and staying prepared (“Life mein rahein hamesha tayyar") for the surprises that life has to offer. In terms of brand strategy, the current commercial is several notches above the past ones. In all, it’s quite a watchable and enjoyable piece of communication. Even the other commercial (Desires) on the same strategy has a lovely jingle, but comes across as a tad frivolous.

Full marks to team Euro RSCG for bringing the brand up to this point. They have found something that reverberates with its audience. Now, let’s hope Max New York Life can really live up to the promise and deliver “zyaada" in these swinging times.

(The ad reviewed here is different from the one that is listed in the ad survey.)