Take exciting shades of green, yellow, blue and pink, and spice them up with polka dots, checks and stripes, colourful macaroons, spiders, or just lines crisscrossing each other. The combinations, in a mix of cotton, polyamide and elastane, make for the coolest two inches between the trousers and the shoes. That’s what 21-year-old Joey Saha is trying to do through the Moja Club.

The Mumbai-based start-up, launched by Saha in March with an investment of 50 lakh, is essentially a subscription service for socks. Clients can subscribe to a plan on the company’s website—from monthly to annual—and pay either online while subscribing or on delivery. Prices start at 369 a month.

There is also a gifting plan. A subscriber can familiarize herself with the brand’s style using their website but the design that will come to her finally is picked randomly by the computer.

The socks are made of 70-80% combed cotton, 15-20% polyamide and 2-4% elastane and the company claims that they fit almost all feet shapes and sizes.

Saha studied in England where he used such a service himself and believes there is a market in India for it.

The business model is subscription-based and right now the emphasis is on maximizing reach. Moja Club promises to deliver across India within 72 hours of an order being placed and plans to expand to other parts of Asia. It aims to begin with Singapore and expand to Hong Kong and China, later this year.