Top of the Mind Ad Survey | Vodafone rings loud with Zoozoos

Top of the Mind Ad Survey | Vodafone rings loud with Zoozoos

The Zoozoos, comic figures with egg-like heads that appear in television commercials for mobile phone operator Vodafone Essar Ltd, remain a rage, claiming the top three places in the charts in November for brand awareness and recall.

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This was found in a Mint-Synovate-TVAdIndx survey that gathers responses from 750 randomly chosen consumers divided equally across New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

The top advertisement of the month featuring Zoozoos scored as high as 95 on the ad reach index, a score calculated by multiplying an awareness score and a brand recall score and dividing it by 100.

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Unlike in October, when Bollywood star power helped six advertisements reach the top 15, November had only one commercial where actor Aamir Khan pitched for Tata Sky.

The ad ranked sixth with an index score of 68.

“Is the celebrity quotient in advertising beginning to recede?" asks Santosh Desai, chief executive officer of Future Brands Ltd. “Or have we just stopped noticing celebrities as they can’t be escaped, whatever one may be reading or watching?"

Food and drink firm Nestle India Ltd features three times in November’s list of top 15 commercials, with its Polo mint and chocolate eclair ads.

Desai has praise for Nestle’s eclair advertisements, which he says are a succession of bloopers, executed sweetly. “After a long time, something nice from Nestle (to counterbalance the Polo ads that are on air)," he says.

November was a good month for advertising firm Ogilvy and Mather, which created seven out of the top 10 TV commercials aired during the month. Lowe Worldwide came in a distant second with two ads in the top 10.

On the ad diagnostics list, which measures softer parameters such as likeability, enjoyment, believability and claim, an advertisement by JSW Steel Ltd claimed top slot with Vodafone Essar strongly following on the Nos. 2 and 3 spots.

Five of the top 15 ads in the ad reach index list also figure in the top 15 ad diagnostics chart.

What’s interesting is that three of the top 15 ads in the ad diagnostics chart scored 100% on likeability, compared with 11 in October.

1. Vodafone mobile

Ogilvy and Mather

There’s a long queue of Zoozoos waiting for their turn to pay their mobile bill at the counter. A passerby (a Zoozoo) sees the long line and starts laughing. He’s amused that they have to wait in a line, while he pays his bills online at Vodafone. Tag line: Pay your Vodafone bills online. Power to You.

2. Vodafone mobile

Ogilvy and Mather

A Zoozoo is trying to sleep but can’t as her neighbour in the adjacent flat is talking loudly and incessantly on the phone. She bangs on the wall but to no avail, and finally gives up. The neighbour is a subscriber of Vodafone’s Night Talk Bonus Card. Tag line: Talk all night. Power to You.

3. Vodafone mobile

Ogilvy and Mather

A magic show is on. As part of a trick, a Zoozoo lies down in a box. The magician, another Zoozoo, closes the box and cuts the box and the Zoozoo into two. A mobile phone starts ringing. Turns out, the phone of the Zoozoo in the box has fallen on the stage. Tag line: Can’t take calls? Set a busy message. Power to You.

4. Nestle Polo

Lowe Worldwide

A boxer at a practice session is asked what the hole in Polo mint signifies. He says it reminds him of the five rings in the Olympic logo. But he is confused whether there are five or six rings. He turns to his coach, who says there are “six" rings in the logo. Tag line: What is your HOLE story?

5. Sprite

Ogilvy and Mather

A group of youngsters want to party, but are afraid of their landlord. One of them smooth-talks the old man, offering him two movie tickets to a thriller. His friends suggest he accompany the landlord, leaving the group to party at home. Tag line: Seedhi baat. No bakwaas (Straight talk, no nonsense).

6. Tata Sky

Ogilvy and Mather

Actor Aamir Khan plays a ventriloquist. He is on a show where he pulls out his puppet “TV", who seems upset. TV is in a bad mood because “he has been reduced to a puppet" as Khan switches it on any time of the day or night, if he wants to access any of the multiple features available on Tata Sky.

7. Bingo

Ogilvy and Mather

A young boy flirts with the girl in the balcony across his flat. He asks her for a flying kiss and she obliges. The boy gestures as if catching the kiss in his shirt pocket, which immediately?catches?fire.?Turns out the girl is eating Bingo’s new flavour, Red Chilli Bijli. The next time, the boy comes prepared with a fireproof mask.

8. Tata DoCoMo


A bunch of students heads out for a trip in a bus. A geeky girl is playing with her phone. Two nerdy boys in the next seat start complimenting her, drawing the attention of another boy who turns around to see what they are talking about. They are talking about the phone and not the girl.

9. Fevicol

Ogilvy and Mather

A girl is taking part in a play for which she has to wear a moustache. The play’s over, and she finds she can’t take it off; she?is stuck with the moustache for life. She grows up, gets married, dies, with the moustache stuck to her face. She is reborn, still stuck with the moustache. Tag line: Fevicol’s 50 years of building bonds.

10. Nestle Polo

Lowe Worldwide

A fashion designer, who is preparing for his show, is asked what he makes of the hole in Polo mint. He says it reminds him of a design with a vision, which celebrates the human form— completely see-through, just like his new collection. Tag line: What’s your HOLE story?

11. Toyota Innova

Dentsu Communications

A man gets up early in the morning to sneak out of the house. He checks on his wife and son to make sure they are sleeping. The man picks up his golf set and car keys and quietly steps out of the house. But he finds his family already sitting in the car, ready to go for a drive with him.

12. Kellogg’s


A couple has to attend a wedding. The wife plans to wear a dress made a few years ago. The husband doubts if she will fit into it. She takes the Kellogg’s K Special Challenge, whereby one can lose up to 2.5kg in two weeks by eating two bowls of cereal a day. This helps the wife to get in shape just in time for the wedding.

13. Nestle Eclair

Lowe Worldwide

Two schoolgirls are taking the Tap Test, which is how long an eclair can last. As the girls eat the eclairs, they watch a number of children and teachers get splashed when they try to drink water from a tap. In all, 36 people get splashed during the time the two girls have the eclairs. The tag line: Delight in every bite.

14. IDBI Bank

Ogilvy and Mather

A boy spies an elephant outside his home one day and heads out to play with it, a couple of bananas in hand. Over the days they spend time with each other, becoming good friends. After a few days, he leaves with his family, only to return eight months later to find the elephant waiting for him with a bunch of bananas. Tag line: Not just for the big boys.

15. Tata AIG

Bates 141

Sukhi Ram and Dukhi Ram are having samosas. Dukhi Ram is worried about the ill effects of having fried food. Sukhi Ram says he does not fear heart attack as he has health insurance. What about other illnesses, asks Dukhi Ram. Sukhi Ram says he is covered against 12 critical illnesses. Tag line: A new look at life.