Top of the Mind Ad Survey | It’s a hat-trick for Britannia

Top of the Mind Ad Survey | It’s a hat-trick for Britannia

The Indian television audience loves biscuits. Britannia topped the chart in September and took the No. 8 and No. 10 spots too. Rated the best on-air advertisement in July, according to the Mint-Synovate-TVAd Indx survey, which gathers the voices of 750 randomly chosen consumers across the metros of New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, the Britannia 50/50 biscuit commercial won hands down, scoring 80 on the ad reach index. Lowe Worldwide’s sister ad for the Maska Chaska variant of Britannia 50/50 had the highest brand recall among all the TV spots at 94%. And, the Britannia NutriChoice 5 Grain commercial at No. 10 completed the hat-trick for the biscuit manufacturer.

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The difference this time was that an ad from the banking sector made it to the list in the current atmosphere of gloom and doom in financial markets. The Union Bank of India commercial, with its message of reassurance, took the No. 9 slot, though in the words of our expert Santosh Desai, “It feels like any public sector bank ad." Desai finds the Bank of India ad credible. It’s not in the Top 15 list but, he says, “The idea that relationships in India need to go beyond money is a strong one and has been executed with fidelity." It’s an opportune time for the public sector banks to go on a media offensive — customers are looking for safe investment opportunities. Max New York Life’s new ad campaign plays on the theme of uncertainty, promising “more" in these times of diminishing returns. Aqua Communications Pvt. Ltd’s creative director Anil Madan succinctly interprets the tag line—Karo zyaada ka irada (plan for more) — so that your dreams don’t have to be downsized as your children grow.

“In terms of brand strategy, the current commercial is several notches above the past ones," says Madan, adding that “even the other commercial (No.12 on the ad diagnostics list) on the same strategy has a lovely jingle but comes across as a tad frivolous".

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The “profligacy" of ads from the telecom sector, says Desai, does make for good viewing, but he hasn’t picked up any. However, five telecom ads did make it to September’s Top 15 list. Idea Cellular’s rural literacy brainwave continues to strike a chord with viewers — one ad was at No. 2, the other took the No. 7 spot. The animation ad film from Vodafone, promoting its tie-up with, was at No. 6, Reliance Mobile was at No. 12. Virgin Mobile’s cheeky ad brought up the rear at No. 13.

Pepsi MyCan Cola, featuring cricketer M.S. Dhoni, and Fair & Lovely find place in the September rankings, at No. 3 and No. 11, respectively. But the Hero Honda ad, at No. 5, caught Desai’s attention — for all the wrong reasons. “Hero Honda, not being satisfied with consistent mediocrity, upped the ante this time with a commercial that never ends," he says of the ad, which features several celebrities. In contrast, the Tata Sky ad featuring Bollywood actor Aamir Khan seems to have paid off, with Khan’s two-in-one projection taking the ad to the No. 4 slot. “It is Aamir’s show all the way; the idea is neat without being earth-shatteringly original, but the acting elevates it to a more memorable level", says Desai.

Britannia 50/50

Lowe Worldwide

A man sitting on a “Ladies only" seat in a bus is berated by a couple of women


Lowe Worldwide

A little girl in a village prods her mother to speak in English to impress her

Hero Honda


Actor Hrithik Roshan, astride a bike, jumps from a helicopter on to a stage

Britannia 50/50 Maska Chaska

Lowe Worldwide

A maid is negotiating her salary with a housewife. She tells her prospective

Fair & Lovely MultiVitamin Cream

Lowe Worldwide

A man goes to ‘see’ a young woman. But when he sees how beautiful she is, he

Pepsi MyCan Cola/My Can


When cricketer M.S. Dhoni is scolded by his teacher for low scores, he decides

Vodafone Value Added/

Ogilvy and Mather

A man wandering in a forest is haunted by loneliness when he sees different

Union Bank of India

Mudra Communications

A man with an early morning flight to catch tells his father not to worry; he’ll

Reliance Mobile


A man on his way to Shimla calls his wife for landmarks to the place where,

Tata Sky

Rediffusion DYR

Actor Aamir Khan is dressed partly as man and partly as woman. The male half


Lowe Worldwide

A man about to spit on the ground is stopped from doing so by a little village

Britannia NutriChoice 5 Grain

Lowe Worldwide

A woman in a music class suddenly feels hungry. She starts imagining food in

Virgin Mobile Service

Bates 141

Two injured friends are in hospital. One tries to act fresh with a nurse, asking