Consumers as digital brand ambassadors

Consumers as digital brand ambassadors

Brands: IDBI Fortis Life Insurance’s Wealthsurance

Campaign: Boss ka Boss

Target audience: Professionals in the 25-40 age group with a high disposable income.

Agency: India Pvt. Ltd

What they did:IDBI Fortis Life Insurance Co. Ltdwanted something that would resonate with its central idea of protecting one’s wealth against unexpected dangers. Contests2win decided to convey the idea in a humorous way via a viral flash film, which is a short video circulated online through emails and social networking sites

How they did it: The animated film is on the lines of a typical south Indian action-thriller, featuring film star Rajnikanth as the hero, or Boss, pursuing a gang of robbers. The Boss finally emerges victorious but the message is clear—by investing with IDBI Fortis, one’s life is destiny-proof.

“With viral flash films, users themselves forward the film to friends just as they would forward a joke. This benefits the brand since consumers double up as digital brand ambassadors," says Gaurav Sharma, director, sales, Contests2win. The film was sent to customers of IDBI Fortis, and Contests2win’s registered users in the target group.

The result: Since it went live in October, the viral has got 225,000 views across video-sharing sites and on .

What the experts say: “Viral marketing usually has a serious brand message to convey but virals are essentially of two kinds—one that gets the other person to laugh, and the other, a provocative kind that you share with your peer group," says Anand Halve, co-founder, Chlorophyll Brand and Communications Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

“Now, in the ‘Boss ka Boss’ campaign, the target audience obviously has a lot of wealth stashed up. Usually, this audience will be 40-plus and they are less likely to be the viral-forwarding kind. So, while the campaign is interesting, I’m not sure if this is an effective vehicle for the target group."