New Delhi: Not London, Paris or New York, but Indians’ favourite city to live in is Abu Dhabi, followed by Singapore and Mumbai, says the 2017 edition of the Ipsos Top Cities Index.

London, Paris and New York are ahead of New Delhi, which is the 7th favourite city for Indians, with Sydney, Los Angeles and Bangkok following India’s national capital respectively.

New York ranks at the top in the list of the most popular city worldwide city, followed by Abu Dhabi which leapfrogged London and Paris into second position, with Tokyo, Sydney and Zurich on the same score in equal fifth.

The survey ranks Karachi, Nairobi and Tehran as the least preferred cities to live in.

“Globally we see the power of the New York brand with its appeal to people across the world, young and old. But the rise of Abu Dhabi and the weakness of Sydney among younger people remind us that no city can afford to rest on its laurels," Amit Adarkar, CEO Ipsos India, said in a press release.

The remaining top ten positions this year are occupied by Rome, Los Angeles and Amsterdam.

Globally Indian city Delhi is ranked in 40th position followed by Mumbai in 41st position out of 60 global cities which was considered for Ipsos Top Cities 2017 study.

“Indians love their very own commercial capital Mumbai and center of power Delhi and would love to stay in either of the mega cities of India due to abundant career opportunities; quality of life and entertainment options," added Adarkar.

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